THE FLY GUY services over 12,000 horse stalls throughout Southern California.


System does not work automatically
  1. Circuit Breaker may be tripped.
  2. Reservoir may be low or empty.
  1. Check your breaker
  2. Refill with Py-Tech (Natural Insecticide)
Motor Labors during operation (cuts on/off)
  1. Operating pressure set too high
  2. Suction filter may be clogged
  1. Adjust pressure (150-160 psi). Never set above 175 psi.
  2. Clean or replace suction filter
All nozzles drip or spew during startup & shutdown(there is a delay between when the motor turns on and nozzles spray)
  1. Air in tubing line to nozzles
  2. Used a strong chemical that has damaged system O-Rings
  1. Bleed air. If problem persists call for help 1-800-423-8621
  2. Use only Py-Tech
Spray system does not register ample pressure (150 psi)
  1. Suction filter may be clogged
  2. Check valve may be clogged
  3. Pump may be damaged
  4. Pressure gauge may be faulty
  1. Clean or replace
  2. Clean or replace
  3. Replace pump
  4. Replace gauge
Some nozzles do not spray as good as others
  1. Nozzle filters or internal parts may be clogged
  1. Clean or replace spray tip only
Note: Pro-Tech’s natural insecticide and odor control solutions are specially formulated for Pro-Tech’s spraying systems with safety and performance in mind. They will not damage the seals and o-rings found throughout the pump, valves, and spray nozzles. Nor will they separate out of solution in the reservoir and tubing, therefore, you will receive optimum performance with no nozzle clog. Using solutions other than Pro-Tech’s voids your warranty.

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