The Automatic Advantage

mosquito control for bars
  • Most effective and economical way known to control insects
  • Eliminates hand spraying; time and labor costs
  • Completely automatic – continues to kill insects when you are away.
  • Goes to the insect rather than the insect accidentally going to it.
  • Designed for use in either a closed or open facility.
  • Can be installed and programmed economically to suit individual needs.
  • Versatile – the same system can be increased to accommodate facility growth.
  • Gives a synchronized spray coverage over the entire facility at each application.
  • Safe and non-toxic to warm blooded animals
  • Non-residual, bio-degradable with no insect immunity.
  • Eliminates the use of dangerous insecticides which are toxic, can contaminate facility, and have strong residual effects.
  • E.P.A. registered.
  • Reduces the spread of infections and contamination
  • Aids in control of disease carried by insect vectors, (infectious anemia) and parasites as well as secondary inceptions from festered bites (summer sores).

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